Ag Profit Privacy Policy

1. Our commitment to privacy

Ag Profit Pty Ltd, ACN 139 138 588 (Ag Profit), understands that privacy is important to you. We are committed to protecting your personal information.

This Privacy Policy explains how Ag Profit collects and handles personal information, and complies with its obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (the Privacy Act). We collect personal information from client users of our farm business intelligence and risk management solutions (client users).

This policy should be read in conjunction with Ag Profit’s Terms of Use. Ag Profit’s Terms of Use can be viewed at and downloaded from Ag Profit’s website at (our website).

2. What does personal information mean?

Personal information means any information about you that identifies you, or which could identify you.

3. Collection of personal information

Ag Profit collects and holds its client users’ personal information. Due to the nature of the services we provide, it is generally impractical for us to deal with you anonymously. If we contact you, we may keep a record of that contact. Other personal information which we may collect and hold includes but is not limited to:

  1. surnames, first names and initials;
  2. business, trust, partnership and company names;
  3. Australian Business Numbers and Australian Company Numbers;
  4. contact information, such as business and postal addresses, landline and mobile phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses;
  5. names of key service providers used by client users, and the service providers’ contact details;
  6. the location of farm business properties;
  7. details of both trading and proposed farming enterprises;
  8. farm and non-farm business financial and accounting information, including receipts, payments, assets, liabilities, depreciation etc;
  9. paddock land use and crop plans;
  10. livestock mob details;
  11. rainfall data;
  12. farm produce (crop and livestock) quantities produced, purchased and sold;
  13. budget information;
  14. farm management practices; and
  15. other information relating to the productivity, and financial and marketing performance, of farm businesses.

This information is generally provided to us direct by client business owners or employees of client businesses in the course of:

  1. commencing or renewing subscriptions for our services via our website;
  2. creating, activating or modifying client user account details via our website;
  3. entering client user information into the website;
  4. completing Ag Profit data collection forms, in PDF or Excel format, for data entry by our team;
  5. providing client accounting records to us for data entry by our team;
  6. allowing data sharing via other applications, including accounting software or paddock recording software; or
  7. contacting us by post, fax, email or telephone, or responding to communications from us by post, fax, email or telephone.

4. How we use your personal information

We only use your personal information for the purpose for which it was collected, and to offer and provide related services that are connected to that initial purpose.

The purposes for which we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information are:

  1. to provide our services to you, including:
    1. to provide client users with business performance indicator values relating to the user’s individual business, on both a current and historical basis;
    2. to provide client users with business performance indicator values derived from averages of Ag Profit-defined comparative sample groups, consisting of multiple individual businesses, on both a current and historical basis; and
    3. to provide client users and other parties with summary information relating to users’ patronage of various key service providers;
  2. to provide key agricultural industry organisations with business performance indicator values derived from averages of Ag Profit-defined comparative sample groups, consisting of multiple individual businesses, on both a current and historical basis;
  3. to respond to your requests;
  4. to maintain contact with you;
  5. to maintain the security and data integrity of client users’ online Ag Profit accounts; and
  6. for general management and reporting purposes, such as invoicing and account management.

If you choose not to provide us your personal information we will be unable to perform such activities.

We may collect, hold or use information about individuals to market our services, including by email. You may opt out of marketing services at any time by writing to or emailing us at the below contact details:

Mail: Privacy Officer
Ag Profit Pty Ltd
PO Box 189
Bendigo VIC 3552

Please allow 14 days for your request to be processed.

In addition, if we contact you via email, you may send a return email to notify us that you do not want to receive further marketing information from us via email.

5. Security of personal information

Our policy is to only collect information in a way that is lawful and fair, and that is not unreasonably intrusive.

We will take reasonable precautions to ensure the security of personal information we hold from such risks as loss or unauthorised access, destruction, misuse, modification or disclosure.

We securely store your personal information in digital format through the following storage methods:

  1. remote and/or local server hosting of all information uploaded to our client users’ accounts; and
  2. local server non-public storage of supplementary account information provided by our client users, for example, cashbook files.

Our storage methods implement industry best practice security measures, including data backup management, data encryption and password protection.

We do not retain hard copy documents. You may send us hard copy documents for data entry into your online client user account, or to be digitally stored as supplementary account information. After reproducing, copying or extracting data from these hard copy documents, we will return them to your nominated address, by post, at the earliest available opportunity.

6. User password and security

Upon creation of a client user account, client users will receive a unique account number and password which allow them access to their client user account.

Client users agree to maintain the confidentiality of their account number and password, and to prevent disclosure of this information to persons other than their authorised representatives, employees or agents.

Client users must immediately notify Ag Profit of any unauthorised use of their password or account, or any other breach of the security of their client user account.

7. Client user access to personal information

Client users can access their personal information by the following means:

  1. through our website;
  2. by requesting electronic reports in PDF format, to be sent to the client user by email, and stored in the client user’s account library;
  3. by requesting printed copies of electronic reports, to be sent to the client user, or their authorised representative, by post; and
  4. by requesting a copy of some or all of their individual business data, to be provided to the client user in a format agreed between Ag Profit and the client user.

8. Third party access

Ag Profit will not permit third party access to individual client users’ personal information unless authorised by that individual client user.

User clients may authorise access to their personal information, whether explicitly or implicitly, by third party users. Such third parties may include client user-approved service providers and advisers, including, but not limited to, accountants and agronomists.

In such cases, the client user is able to control some of the functional access and control of the personal information by these authorised third parties. These third party user permissions include limiting or excluding the capacity of third party users to edit and update some or all of the client user’s personal information. Please refer to Ag Profit’s help guides for details of how to set third party user permissions.

Ag Profit may, at its discretion, provide personal information collected from multiple users to other third parties. The format of this personal information is such that the aggregated data cannot be attributed to any one individual farm business.

9. Will we provide your personal information to anyone else?

Ag Profit undertakes all reasonable measures to ensure that disclosure of personal information is consistent with reasonable user expectations.

We do not disclose client users’ personal information to any person, other than their employees, agents and authorised service providers, unless:

  1. use or disclosure is permitted by this policy;
  2. we believe it is necessary to provide you with a product or service which you have requested;
  3. you give consent;
  4. such disclosure is required by law, regulation, rule or professional standard;
  5. such disclosure is to our professional advisers and service providers, and we have satisfied ourselves that these advisers and service providers comply with this policy and with their obligations under the Privacy Act.

For the purposes of business performance analysis, we disclose client users’ personal information at an aggregated sample group average level (aggregated business reporting). Aggregated business reporting can be provided to any individual business, service provider, industry organisation or agri-business organisation deemed appropriate by Ag Profit. Ag Profit may receive payment for the provision of this aggregated data. Aggregated business reporting may be included in our direct marketing strategies, including electronic newsletters sent to client users and other parties by email.

10. Does your personal information leave Australia?

Ag Profit does not disclose your personal information to overseas recipients, and does not hold your personal information at overseas locations or use service providers that hold information at overseas locations.

11. Sensitive information

Under the Privacy Act, some types of personal information are considered to be sensitive information. Sensitive information is information about your:

  1. racial or ethnic origin; or
  2. political opinions;
  3. membership of a political association;
  4. religious beliefs or affiliations;
  5. philosophical beliefs;
  6. membership of a professional or trade association;
  7. membership of a trade union;
  8. sexual preferences or practices;
  9. criminal record; or
  10. health information.

Ag Profit does not collect this information about you.

12. Website and social media

Ag Profit may use cookies to obtain generic usage information about both client users and visitors when they browse our website.

Cookies are small data files which are placed on the computer by our website and which collect certain additional personal information. This personal information allows our website to:

  1. recognise users or visitors when they return to our website;
  2. observe how users navigates within our website and other websites;
  3. tailor content displayed on our website to individual users’ interests and needs; and
  4. track visitor usage patterns which can then be used to compile statistical reports on site activity.

If you are concerned about cookies, most browsers now recognise when a cookie is offered and permit you to opt out of receiving it. If you are not sure whether your browser has this capability, you should check with the software manufacturer or your internet service provider. Please note that disabling cookies may impair the functionality of the website.

Ag Profit provides links from its website to Ag Profit branded pages and forums hosted on third party-run social media platforms. The main aim of these social media platforms is to facilitate and allow you to share content. However, Ag Profit has no control over these third parties, and cannot be held responsible if you share personal information on these social media platforms that is subsequently used, misused or otherwise appropriated by another user.

A link to a third party’s website should not be construed as an endorsement by either Ag Profit or that third party of the other or its products or services. We make no representations or warranties regarding how user data is stored or used on third party servers. We recommend reviewing the privacy policy of each third party site linked from our site to determine their use of your personal information.

13. Accuracy and correction of personal information

Ag Profit will take reasonable steps to keep any personal information up to date.

You have the right to ask us to correct personal information about you which is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. If you would like to request that we correct personal information about you, please contact us by writing to or emailing us at the below addresses:

Mail: Privacy Officer
Ag Profit Pty Ltd
PO Box 189
Bendigo VIC 3552

We will review your request as soon as reasonably practicable, and if we are reasonably satisfied that the personal information in question is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date, we will correct or update that personal information. If we are not reasonably satisfied that the personal information in question is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date, we will write to you setting out the reasons why we are not reasonably satisfied. We will retain your request on file.

Please allow 14 days for your request to be processed.

14. Ownership of personal information

Unless Ag Profit has entered into an agreement with a client user which provides otherwise, users grant Ag Profit a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, royalty-free licence to use and sub-license the whole or any part of all personal information provided to Ag Profit by the user, subject to the Privacy Act and clause 9 of the Ag Profit Terms of Use.

Ag Profit may agree to remove, delete or de-identify personal information upon the request of a client user, but, subject to the Privacy Act and this policy, is under no obligation to do so.

15. Review and updates to this policy

Ag Profit reviews and updates this policy from time to time. You can view the current version of this policy at

16. Concerns and complaints

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, or you wish to lodge a complaint about the way we have handled your personal information, please write to our Privacy Officer at the address below:

Mail: Privacy Officer
Ag Profit Pty Ltd
PO Box 189
Bendigo VIC 3552

Any complaint must be made in writing.

Please allow 14 days to process your complaint. All complaints will be handled in accordance with this policy, and with Ag Profit’s obligations under the Privacy Act.

For all other enquiries, you can call our Privacy Officer on (03) 5444 2600 between 9.00 and 5.00 pm on weekdays (excluding public holidays).