Connecting people...

Cloud-based applications to complement adviser-client relationships

Business Owners

Manage the business with greater assurance

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Solutions designed specifically to meet farm business needs to improve profitability, asset efficiency & financial resilience.
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Other Business Owner

In addition to farmers, Ag Profit can intuitively work with all types of business so the key analysis outputs are available to all.

Business owners always control which advisers can access their Ag Profit account!

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Business Advisers

Add significant value to your client service

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Get the most out of accounting data and include business management reporting to cover all bases with business clients.
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Business Consultant

Extend your business consulting to include the suite of efficient business management analysis tools & reporting solutions.
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Manage all paddock crop plans, recommendations & activities - directly link into a whole farm business cashflow budget.
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Bank Manager

Access to more effective monitoring of client cashflow - be more proactive in assessing overdraft limit requirements.

with business management solutions...

Participate in an effective business management framework to deliver better business outcomes

Product Solutions

  • Annual strategic review of business performance
  • Analysis over 6-year trend to identify key trends
  • Management rather than accounting basis
  • Highlights drivers of profitability, asset efficiency & debt management
  • Easy to interpret reporting format
  • Flexible data levels to align with business needs
  • Electronic & hard-copy reports
  • Easy to use budget
  • Manage master budget throughout budget period
  • Copy master to trial budget for what-if scenario forecasting
  • Use last year’s data to setup budget quickly
  • Flexible budget formats to align with business needs
  • Farm budget builds income from paddock & livestock mob level
  • Easy to use loan calculator
  • Efficient budget actuals analysis reporting
  • Compare individual farm business with similar farms within region
  • Compare with average & top 20% profit group
  • Find out which areas are under-performing
  • Establish achievable performance targets
  • Easy to interpret reporting format
  • Electronic & hard-copy reports
  • For livestock schedules, grain, hay etc. on balance sheet
  • Easy worksheet calculations
  • Flexible valuation methods (ATO, actual cost, market)
  • Automatic posting of all journals (including next day reversals)
  • Easy to insert reports
  • Directly integrates with Xero, QuickBooks
  • Easy to use national rainfall maps
    • Calendar, winter & summer growing season rainfall
  • 10-year commodity price trends
    • Cereal, oilseed, legume grain & hay crop
    • Sugar & cotton
    • Cattle, sheep & wool
    • Diesel & fertilizer
    • A$ / US$ currency exchange rate
  • Farm business management article library for download
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to transform accounting & business data...

Compatible with most accounting software - efficient data collection saves time

Ag Profit can work with most accounting software - including directly integrating with popular online accounting applications.
Data can be imported and updated electronically - saving time and minimising any chance of data error.

Ag Profit collect other business data ( asset market value, inventory closing balance, production, pricing) to combine with accounting data.
Understand the complete picture of how the business is performing ( profitability, asset efficiency, equity).

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into business intelligence reporting.

Smart analysis & reporting builds business management capacity

Ag Profit had designed its analysis reporting so that you gain maximum understanding with minimal effort. From monitoring cashflow with the budget to actuals module, through to the business healthcheck review, our easy-to-use tools allows you to assess business performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities.

Ag Profit provides multiple reporting options - online, PDF and even hardcopy reports!

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What our users are saying...

Ag Profit has helped us to add a new dimension to our advisory service. We never had the time or could justify the cost to do it ourselves.
We like comparing our clients with neighbouring farmers who are not our clients .

Customer Noel Meney
Director - Accountant
Pooles Accountants & Taxation Specialists
Swan Hill, Victoria

Ag Profit’s information helps me identify the key business areas I need to keep in focus.

Customer Angus Siddins
North Star, NSW

With Ag Profit – we can now discus  things with our farming clients we have always wanted to do with our clients data but not been able to do. 
Our clients are extremely happy with the reports they receive.

Customer Linda Crawford
Director - Accountant
Eldridge Crawford
Wagga Wagga, NSW